"Be Free"

"Be Free"
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expressionism on 30x40 gallery wrapped canvas

Painting: Acrylic, Pastel, Pencil, Household on Canvas.

I had a close encounter with someone I admire dearly, we spoke about what it means to be free in your art. We discussed the limitations that we sometimes put on ourselves as artist, whether it be self ridicule or seeking validation from others. " Be Free" is a pictorial representation of what it means to be free and feel free from boundaries we sometimes put on ourselves creatively. I hope that viewers take with them a sense of empowerment, a feeling of boldness. I hope that it evokes thought through movement and hidden messages throughout the piece. I chose acrylic and interior paint due to the flexibility of it. Its ability to flow down the canvas like running water is something I love to incorporate in my work. I also use pencil to write words of encouragement and messages to viewers that can not be seen immediately. This style of art is organic to me, its not something that I choose but it is something that comes from within. I reflect on moments in time and i apply the energy that i felt in that moment onto canvas. I hope it resonates